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We offer effective, ethical, and practical solutions.  

That's what you can expect when you turn to us for help and professional supports.  Based out of Chicago, we are a group of caring, experienced behavior analysts who have been providing comprehensive and focused ABA therapy to families and other entities to enhance the lives of those with autism and other developmental delays.  ABA Midwest brings you expertise in ABA program development for those with medically complex issues such as seizures and symptoms that may be related to behavior disorders. We are able to provide additional objective ethical supports to families, schools and other agencies through our understanding of the challenges in the application of behavior interventions.  Our behaviorists have decades of experience in the Midwest, across the US and around the world. Our sense of responsibility in delivering ABA Therapy and Behavior Management services started long ago with caring about the issues that you likely are concerned about today.  

Our experience as behavior analysts working with other members of a treatment team allows us to have a unique understanding of the issues you face. ABA Midwest is here to deliver effective, ethical, practical intervention programming in a child's home and in other relevant settings. 

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