Preparation for Neurofeedback or Biofeedback and/or QEEG Assessment – Please Read Carefully!


®Please continue to take any prescribed medications per your physician’s instructions*


®Things to avoid prior to testing


®8 hours prior to testing


®3 hours prior to testing


®12 hours prior to testing


®72 hours prior to testing



®Over-the-counter medications, other recreational drugs, herbal teas and/or other herbal preparations and any other stimulants (including ephedrine). 

®72 hours prior to testing


*          Please avoid anti-histamines, cold remedies and allergy medicines unless prescribed by your physician.  If you are using prescribed versions of these medications and your physician has instructed you to take these “PRN” or “as needed” it would be best if you did not use them prior to your evaluation unless you cannot function without them.


*          If you are or your child is taking stimulant medication (Ritalin, etc.) or other ADHD medication (such as Strattera) please check with your physician regarding delaying the morning dose until after the evaluation is complete.  This is not mandatory, but if the medication is taken, testing will produce results that are influenced by the medication rather than being a true picture of the un-medicated state of the individual being evaluated.  If your child normally takes “medication holidays” on weekends for example or if your physician agrees, then plan to avoid the AM dose until after the evaluation.


*          If the stimulants are prescribed for narcolepsy, please have someone drive you to the appointment if you will be delaying the AM dose.


  • Please eat according to your usual schedule, get a good night sleep (8 hours or more if possible) and arrive a few minutes early.


  • Please wash your hair and scalp the morning of the session and DO NOT use any styling gels, hair spray, hair treatments, conditioners, oils.  Hair MUST BE COMPLETELY DRY TO THE SCALP prior to the appointment!  Please brush and/or comb hair to remove tangles and remove clips, pins, extensions, hair pieces, wigs and any other head covering.


  • Please remove any earrings in your ear lobes prior to all of your appointments.


You may expect to get a small amount of sensor paste or gel in your hair (washes out easily with water).  If you are scheduled for a QEEG your head may be marked with a washable marker to identify sensor sites and you will end up with a lot of gel in your hair.  You may want to bring a hat or scarf to cover your head after the appointment.





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