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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Legal, Executives and Other Professionals.

Stress is a huge precursor to mental health and addiction issues among professionals, this exerts a huge toll on productivity, family, occupational and the social fabric of the individual.

Addiction is frequently destructive with catastrophic outcomes for individual professionals in highly stressful and performance-based environments. This is especially true for executives, attorneys, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses airline pilots, therapist, teachers, police officers, counselors and other kinds of professionals.

Our addiction treatment is appropriate for healthcare, legal, and other professionals and includes various components tailored to the specific needs of individuals in the professionals' program:

  • 12-Step facilitation
  • Cognitive and relapse prevention therapies
  • Specialty groups
  • Medical and/or psychiatric assessment and medication management
  • Recovery focused educational groups
  • Spiritual growth groups
  • Family education and counseling

Recovery, remission and Success:

The foundational elements of our professionals' program is health and wellness. However, because professionals face additional challenges in recovery, the following methods and specialized tracks include:

  • Professional recovery groups
  • Return to work assessment and preparation
  • Safe or "fit to practice" issues
  • Group therapy and peer accountability
  • Relapse prevention therapy addressing core issues
  • Family workshops 
  • Spirituality and mindfulness meditation
  • Mirror imaging
  • Sober leisure education and wellness activities
  • Medication management
  • Management of co-occurring disorders
  • Collaboration with professsional regulation authorities


Continuum of Care:

At the Elemental Center, we treat mental health and addictions as diseases with physiological, behavioral and sometimes chronic etiology. 
Our goal is to implement the best practices for ongoing continuum of care as part of our comprehensive professionals in recovery program. Our clinical team will continue to support you and your family at every phase of your journey for outpatient, residential and inpatient services. 
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We provide impaired professionals with an effective treatment program focused on the challenges of work, life and balance in all areas of health.



We specialize in the treatment of professionals who struggle with mental health and addiction issues. With our team approach to health and wellness, recovery and a healthy work life balance is achievable. 


Our team focuses on the following professions: 



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